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When will registrations open? 

 - Soccer Registration will open July 1st.

 - Baseball Registration will open November 1st.


How do I find my child's: schedule, team roster, or team contacts?

 - Go to healingplaceatheltics.com and click on "My Team" and choose the sport season and your coach's name. You may need to log in at this point to access some information.


How do I edit: my personal info, child’s info, or registration info?

 - Go to healingplaceathletics.com and click on “Edit My Account”


How do I know if my child’s game or practice has been rained out?

 - In the event of inclement weather, we will ALWAYS post it on our website. If it is NOT posted, games are STILL on. Saturday practices and games will be posted by 8:00am on Saturday. Weeknight practices/games will be posted by 4:00pm on that day.


How will I know when a rainout has been rescheduled?

 - All make up games will be adjusted to your existing schedule, under “My Team”


What if the website says games or practices have been canceled, but I still receive a reminder by email or text?

 - The system is automatically set to send reminders for those who select that option when registering.  Please disregard any reminders you receive once a rainout has been posted.