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Here at HPC, we offer Baseball, Softball, and Tball each spring for our community.  With over 700 kids participating each season, our goal is to provide a fun, safe, positive atmosphere for our youth to learn about the game of baseball, and also learn about our faith in Jesus Christ. 

Each child receives a uniform and a end of the season award with registration.  All games are played at the HPAC. Registration begins in November and practices begin late January; games run from early March to mid May.



Leagues are separated by age. When registering your child, please note the cut-off date of February 1st for each league.

We will do our best to accommodate coach and player requests, however your child must make the age cut-off for their league.

Age cut-off: February 1st, 2021.  

**Special request will be filled on a first come-first serve basis.



TBall 4 and 5----(This league is for 4 and 5 year old players only; they cannot move up) Those turning 6 on or before February 1st, must move up.

Transition TBall ---(This is for 6 year old players only and will serve as a transition league into coaches pitch.  They can choose to move up to Coach's Pitch, but they cannot play down with the 4 and 5 year old players.) Those turning 7 on or before February 1st, must move up.

Boys Coach Pitch 7: (Boys ages 7) Those turning 8 on or before February 1st, must move up.

Boys Coach Pitch 8: (Boys ages 8) Those turning 9 on or before February 1st, must move up.

Boys Machine Pitch: (Boys ages 9 and 10) Those turning 11 on or before February 1st, must move up. 

Boys Lower Kid Pitch: (This is a league we are offering for those who prefer to move up to Kid Pitch early and to give those who have already played 2 years of Machine Pitch an option to move up.) Ages eligible for this league are 10 and 11.  Those turning 12, before February 1st, must move up to Upper Kid Pitch.

Boys Upper Kid Pitch: (Those turning 15 on or before February 1st, are ineligible) 

Girls Coach Pitch: (Girls ages 7-8) Those turning 9 on or before February 1st, must move up.

Girls Machine Pitch 10U: (Girls ages 9-10) Those turning 11 on or before February 1st, must move up.

Girls Machine Pitch 12U: (Girls ages 11-12) Those turning 13 on or before February 1st, must move up.

Girls Machine Pitch: 15U (Girls ages 13-15) Those turning 16 on or before February 1st are ineligible.




Practices - Begin the week of January 10th at the HPAC.

TBall - Saturdays leading up to start of games only

Middle Leagues - One Mid-Week practice

Older Leagues(Kid Pitch & Girls Upper Machine) -  Twice a week; one mid-week practice and one additional practice on Saturdays leading up to the start of games.  Once games begin, mid-week practice only.                                   



All games are played at the HPAC; Mid February - Mid April



Early Registration - Opens October 31st for the first 100 participants  $95

Regular Registration - Ends December 2nd or when teams fill; $110 Fee           

Late Registration- Begins December 3rd or until teams fill; $140 Fee     



Full amount, minus $15 processing fee will be refunded upon request, when requested before late registration begins.  Once late registration begins, 70% of the registration fee will be refunded. No refunds will be issued, after practices have began.                                                                                                                                                         

**Payment due at the time of registration; all unpaid registrations will be automatically deleted by system

**Special requests (coach, player, or practice night) will be met on a first come-first serve basis; once teams fill, accommodations cannot be made 



Tball- Will receive a hat, jersey, and socks with registration fee                                                                   

Baseball- Will receive a hat, jersey, socks and belt with registration fee                                                        

Softball- Will receive a visor, jersey, socks and belt with registration fee